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5th MPS

Poultry research unit,
Nouzilly. France

Presentation title: Trace Mineral Nutrition.

Session III Nutrition II




Dr Y Nys has been working at the INRA Poultry Unit in Nouzilly (France) since 35 years. He completed his Masters  and Ph.D. in the Agronomic National School in Paris and in the University of Paris 6, in Animal Nutrition. As a scientist and research director (since 1987), he initially worked on calcium metabolism in laying hens and in mineral nutrition (calcium, phosphorus and trace elements in broilers and hens). He explored the availability of different sources of trace element (Zn, Cu, Mn), their interaction with other nutrients and how to reduce their impact on environment. He also focused his activity on eggshell quality and fabric, in particular on the role of eggshell matrix proteins in the bio-mineralization of eggshell. He coordinates two European projects in this area, Egg defence 2001-2004 and RESCAPE 2006-2009 and has been working in collaboration with the industry in the area of egg quality (eggshell quality, yolk colour, genetic selection on egg quality, nutritional value of eggs) and mineral nutrition (phosphorus and calcium, phytase and trace elements in broilers and laying hens). He has been director of the INRA Poultry Units (2002-2007) and has been involved in the WPSA organisation (working group 4 on egg quality and 2 in Nutrition, president of the European federation 2010-14) He is the author of about 200 publications and reviews.
Dr. Nys is one of the editors of the book “Improving the Safety and Quality of Eggs and Egg products” published by Woodhead Publishing which is one of the most recent comprehensive references on the subject

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