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Mediterranean Network of the World’s Poultry Science Association




Article 1. Name

The name of this organization is the Mediterranean Poultry Network of the World’s Poultry Science Association (abbreviation: MPN of the WPSA).

Article 2. Objectives

a. To promote WPSA activities in all the countries of the Mediterranean region with special emphasis on the Eastern and Southern parts.

b. To help expand membership of the WPSA in all countries of the Mediterranean region by creating new contacts with people involved in the poultry sector

c. To promote the spread of knowledge in the field of poultry science through encouragement for research, education and extension.

d. To coordinate future Mediterranean Summits of WPSA by offering technical advice and know-how to the organizers to ensure the staging of appropriately focused and well-organized meetings.

Article 3. Structure of the MPN

The affairs of the MPN of the WPSA are managed by the Management and Executive Committees.

Section 1. Management Committee (MC)

The MPN MC will include one representative from each of the member branches of the MPN, nominated by each of the branches.

Responsibilities of the MC include the following:

a. Apply and implement the rules of the MPN of the WPSA

b. Propose rules for the efficient working of the MPN of the WPSA in accordance with Article 2.

c. Appoint subcommittees to deal with matters requiring such input.

d. Take whatever action it may consider necessary to safeguard the interests of the MPN of the WPSA and its members.

e. Exercise jurisdiction over all members in so far as their membership of the MPN of the WPSA is concerned.

Section 2. Executive Committee (EC)

Members of the EC include the President, Treasurer and Secretary of the MPN, who are elected by secret ballot by the MPN MC at General Meetings during the staging of Mediterranean Summits. Additionally, one representative each from the immediate past and next Mediterranean Summits, are also members of the EC, making a total of five members.

The EC shall hold office for a period ending at the MPN General Meeting at each Mediterranean Poultry Summit. The Officers may serve for another term of 2 years, but not more than 4 consecutive years.

The President shall coordinate activities of the MPN in accordance with this Constitution and preside at General Meetings.

The Secretary is responsible for updating the Membership List, and for collecting and disseminating all information pertaining to the activities of the MPN.

The Treasurer shall manage the financial accounts and affairs of the MPN.

The Executive Committee is responsible for:

a. Executing all resolutions adopted at General Meetings.

b. Making decisions and acting on matters arising between General Meetings.

c. Preparinge and distributing the Newsletter of the MPN of the WPSA.

EC meetings shall be called at the discretion of the President of the MPN or upon the request of a majority of the members of the Committee.

Section 3. Nominations and Voting for the EC

The Secretary shall request proposals of candidates for nomination for the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer from Branches. Nomination for these positions must be received by the Secretary at least 60 days prior to the election. If more than one candidate is nominated for each position, then the candidate receiving the greatest number of votes shall be elected. If no nomination is received, nominations may be made by Branches at the time of the election.

Article 4. Meetings

a. General Meetings shall be held at the time and place of the Mediterranean Poultry Summit.

b. A quorum at all General Meetings shall be one third of MC members registered

c. At all General Meetings the President of the MPN shall preside.

d. Proposals for inclusion in the agenda of the General Meeting shall be in the hands of the Secretary at least three weeks before the meeting. The final agenda will be approved by the EC before distribution.

e. Notice of General Meetings with the agenda shall be mailed to the members at least 2 weeks before the date fixed for the meeting.

f. At all meetings in case of a tied vote, the MPN President shall cast a vote to break the tie.

Article 5. Temporary Regulation

The term of office of the present Steering and Advisory Committees will terminate at the MPN General Meeting to be held during the Third Mediterranean Summit in Egypt in 2012. The 5-member Advisory Committee supports the Steering Committee by providing advice and expertise on particular issues as required. The Steering Committee will work closely with the organizers of the forthcoming Egyptian Summit to ensure a successful meeting.

The MPN of the WPSA presently operates directly under the umbrella of Working Group (WG) 11 (Education and Information) of WPSA’s European Federation. Following the Third Summit in Egypt, the MPN will operate under the WPSA.

Members of the first Steering and Advisory Committees of MPN of the WPSA were selected by the Founding Members after 1st Mediterranean Poultry Summit in 2008. The current members of the Steering, Advisory and Management Committees are shown in Annex 1.

From 2012 onwards, management of the MPN of the WPSA will be conducted by the Management and Executive Committees.

Article 6. Amendments

The rules may only be amended by a two-thirds majority of votes recorded by members present at a General Meeting. Notice to amend shall be accepted for the agenda only if received by the Secretary of the MPN (or until 2012, by the Steering Committee) at least three weeks before the General meeting.

Article 7. Dissolution

The MPN of the WPSA may only be dissolved by a 3/4 majority vote of members registered at a General Meeting. Notice for the proposal of dissolution is to be mailed to the members at least three weeks before the meeting. All assets of the MPN of the WPSA shall, upon dissolution become the property of the WPSA.

Annex 1.

Steering Committee:

Prof. Dr. Servet Yalçın, WPSA Turkey

Dr. Evangelia N. Sossidou, WPSA Greece

Dr. Ghassan Sayegh, WPSA Italy- Lebanon

Advisory Committee:

Prof. Angeliki Tserveni-Goussi, WPSA Greece

Prof. Dr. Rüveyde Akbay, WPSA Turkey

Prof. Dr. H. M. Hafez, World Veterinary Poultry Association Berlin, Germany

Prof. Adele Meluzzi,WPSA Italy

Prof. Nuhad Daghir, Lebanon

Management Committee:

Prof. Dr. Estella Pruckner-Radovcic, WPSA Crotia

Dr. Yahya Eid, WPSA Egypt

Prof. Dr. Achille Franchini, WPSA Italy

Dr. Shlomo Yahav, WPSA Israel







*These branches will be asked to nominate a member.

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