5th MPS - Committees Print




  President of the Event:: Prof. N. DAGHIR
      Dean Emeritus
      Agricultural and Food Sciences -- American University of Beirut
      Phone: +961 3 119 934 - E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



  N. DAGHIR (Lebanon),  Chairperson

  G. SAYEGH (Italy), Chairperson

  • M. CASSANDRO (Italy)  
  • M. FARRAN (Lebanon)   
  • H. HAFEZ (Germany)     
  • H. KHURI (Lebanon)      
  • Y. NYS (France)             
  • M. SIFRI (USA)            
  • E. SOSSIDOU (Greece)  
  • S. YALCIN (Turkey)        

  • R. AKBAY (Turkey) 
  • A. CAHANER (Israel)                        
  • M. DUCLOS (France)                     
  • C. GARCES NARRO (Spain)            
  • R. MULDER (Holland)                    
  • M. PETRACCI (Italy)                      
  • E. PRUKNER-RADOVCIC (Croatia)   
  • Y. EID (Egypt)                              
  • N. USAYRAN (Lebanon)