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0 - 25  OCTOBER  2016  
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Thursday, October 20th Day 0

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14:00 16:00 Registration on port


Departure From Savona Heading to Civitavecchia (Rome)



Late Registration on Board

Welcome Ceremony Cocktail

19:30   Dinner and Show

 Civitavecchia (Rome)    

Friday, October 21st (Rome)      

Day 1

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08:30 9:00 Registration
09:00 Arrival to Civitavecchia Port
09:00 17:00 Day Off (Rome visit)

17:00 17:30 Opening Ceremony

17:30 19:30 Session I

17:30 18:15

Plenary Sessiom

Economics Studies on the Poultry Industry in the Med Regions

Future of Poultry Industry in Mediterranean Region.
P. Van Horne (LEI Wageningen UR, NL) 
Future Potential of Turkey Industryin Mediterranean Region.
J. Douglas (President of Aviagen Turkeys) 

18:15 19:30

Oral Presentations and communications

Nutrition 1


Departure from Civitavecchia (Rome) to Barcelona

19:30 24:00 Dinner and Show  (Sponsored by Novus International)


Saturday, October 22nd  Day 2
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09:00 10:30 Session II      

Nutrition II

09:00 09:45

Plenary Session

Availability, Quality and Utilization of Oil Seed Meals produced in the MENA region.
N. Daghir, (Dean Emeritus FAFS, American University of Beirut, Lebanon)
Recent Research on Selected Middle East Feedstuffs for Poultry.
M. Farran (FAFS, American University of Beirut, Lebanon) 

09:45 10:45 Oral Presentations and Communications

10:45 11:00 .............15 Minutes Coffee Break

11:00 13:00 Session III    Nutrition 3

11:00 12:00

Plenary Session

Trace Mineral Nutrition.
Y. Nys (Poultry research unit, INRA, Nouzilly. France)
Phosphorous in Poultry Nutrition
F. Calini. (Independent consultant in poultry nutrition and feeding, Italy) 
Optimum Vitamin Nutrition for better Health and Performance of Poultry
G. Weber. (DSM - Belgium) 

12:00 13:00 Oral Presentations and Communications
13:00 14:00 ........... Lunch Break

14:00 16:00 Session IV    PreBiotics - Probiotics / Gut Health

14:00 15:00

Plenary Session

Recent Advances on Fiber in Poultry Nutrition.
G. Mateos. (University of Madrid, Spain) 
Interactions of Nutrients and Feed Additives and their impact on Gut Health
M. Sifri (Sifri Solutions LLC. USA   -   PSA Emeritus Fellow)
New Advances on Feed Additives to Replace Antibiotics
E. Da Silva (President of the WPSA(World's Poultry Science Association, Brazil) 

15:00 16:00 Oral Presentations and Communications

16:00 16:30 .............Coffee Break

16:30 18:30 Session V  Environment - Genetics interactions

16:30 17:15

Plenary Session

Interactions of Environment and Genetics.
A. Cahaner (The Hebrew University, Faculty of Agriculture, Israel)
Acclimatization to High and Low Temperatures
S. Yalcin (Faculty of Agriculture, Ege University, Turkey )

17:15 18:30 Oral Presentations and Communications

18:30 19:00 Digital Poster Sessione I
19:00 20:00 Private seminar and workshop in the parallel meeting room

19:30 24:00 Dinner and show   (Sponsored by Novus International)


Sunday, October 23rd Day 3

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08:30 10:00 Session Vi   Housing

08:30 08:50

Plenary Session

Advancement of Biosecurity with Appropriate Poultry House Structure and Innovative Ventilation
M. Freiji (Wadi Group, Cairo / Tanmia Co. Lebanon)

08:50 09:50 Oral Presentations and Presentations

Arrival to Barcelona Port
09:50 10:10 .............15 Minutes Coffee Break

10:10 12:00 Session VII  Poultry Health

10:10 10:30

Plenary Session

Avian Influenza: Non-Ending Story
M. Hafez (Institute of Poultry Diseases, Free University Berlin, Germany) 

10:30 12:00 Oral Presentations and Communications

12:00 13:00

.............Lunch Break

13:00 18:00 Half Day OFF (Barcelona)

18:00 19:30 Digital Poster Session II

Departure from Barcelona to Marseille

19:30 24:00 Dinner and Show 


Monday, October 24th Day 4

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08:30 10:30 Session VIII  Miscellaneous 

Oral Presentations and Communications

Arrival to Marseille Port
10:15 10:30 .............15 Minutes Coffee Break

10:30 12:00 Session IX  Poultry Health 2

12:00 12:30 Diamond Sponsor Pesentation: "The relative value of Methionine Hydroxy-Analogue compared to DL-methionine at different methionine levels in commercial diets". By Silvia Peris, Novus


............Lunch Break
13:00 18:30 Half Day Off (Marseille Visit)

18:30 19:00 Digital Poster Session III

Departure From Marseille Back to Savona

19:00 19:30 Closing Ceremony

19:30 24:00 Gala Dinner and show


Tuesday, October 25th Day 5
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Arrival and disembarking at Savona.