5th MPS - Graduate Students Presentations Print

After the success of the Graduate Students Session during the 4th MPS held in Beirut 2014 (organized by the WPSA Lebanon branch), The WG11 of the WPSA (Education and Information) and the committees of the 5th MPS are glad to announce the establishment a session that will encourage the students to participate in international events.

Graduates or freshly graduated students are requested to contact The WPSA branch of their respective countries to receive more information about the finacial support.

Session details:

  • Session Name: Education and Graduate students presentations 
  • Benefits: Free Registrations. Special Accommodation Rates blocked till 15th April 2016  


  • Graduated or freshly graduated students (MS or PhD) 
  • The student should be approved by the WPSA Branch of his country (or by the chairman of the Scientific committee In case of a branchless country)
  • More conditions are added to the above by the donor (supporting) affiliation (Check with your WPSA Branch). 

Number of Supported Students:

The number of students is limited to the support budget and entities. Actually it is limited to 10 Students (with priority to countries facing the mediterranean sea).


This session is supported by the following donors:

WPSA Organisation WPSA France WPSA Israel WPSA Italy WPSA Lebanon WPSA Spain
MEAP: Poultry ME & NA