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The Mediterranean Poultry Network of the World's Poultry Science Association (MPN of the WPSA) has been founded in 2006, in Verona, Italy, upon the suggestions of Prof. R. Akbay (WPSA - Turkey) because of the similarity of the climate, and thus resulting with the same agricultre, nutrition and pathologies sciences.

The MPN of the WPSA is represented by member coountries facing the Mediterranean sea.


   Country MPN representatives                       

Algeria O. Bennoune
N. Alloui 
Croatia H. Medic 
E. Prukner-Radovcic
Egypt H.M. Yakout
M.A. Kosba
Yahya Eid
M. Hafez
Michel Duclos
Greece A.Tserveni-Gousi
A.L. Yannakopoulos
E. Sossidou 
Israel  Y. Malka,
Italy A. Meluzzi
A. Franchini
G. Sayegh
Lebanon N.J. Daghir     (Chairperson)
A.G. Mishlawi
Portugal  J.C.R. Raposo
A.C.B. Nunes Menezes
Spain C. Garcés
C. Faus
Tunisia*  N. Mathlouthi 
Turkey R. Akbay
 S. Yalcin


  *There is no branch so far



  Country Steering Committee representatives   
Greece E. Sossidou  (Chairperson) 
Italy G. Sayegh
Turkey S. Yalcin



Country Management Committee


 Lebanon N. Daghir (Chairperson)                  


Croatia E. Prukner-Radovcic


Italy A. Franchini


Egypt Y. Eid


Israel S. Yahav


Algeria N. Alaoui


Tunisia N. Mathlouthi


Country Advisory Committee


Greece  A. Tserverni- Goussi                             


Turkey R. Akbay


Egypt M. Hafez


Italy A. Meluzzi