President's Message


Dear Colleagues,

As president of the Mediterranean Poultry Network, I would like to extend to all of you our heartiest welcome to the 7th MPS which is going to be held in Cordoba, Spain, between 07-09 October, 2020.

The Spain Branch of WPSA has kindly offered to host this summit and have already started preparations to make this summit a very memorable one. The Local Organizing Committee  have agreed with PCO (Proyectos y Congresos), a well-known agency that will handle registration, hotel booking, catering and the Gala Dinner.

The summit will be held on the grounds of the University of Cordoba, which is one of the oldest universities in Europe with excellent facilities for the size of our meeting.
Professor C. Garcés-Narro and Professor Rafael Gómez Díaz have kindly accepted to coordinate arrangements with the University. The local organizing committee is chaired by Prof. Rafael Gómez Díaz and I am sure he will be on top of things to make this event a successful one. Prof. Carlos Garcés-Narro is heading the scientific committee and already topics are being proposed by members of the committee.
I would like to encourage all of you to propose topics and send them to Dr. Garcés-Narro or to any member of the scientific committee. I would also appreciate your cooperation through your branches to start involving graduate students and encourage them to present papers so that we can have a strong graduate student participation similar and even better than we had at the 7th summit.

We are looking forward to a very successful conference and to the participation of many members from the Mediterranean region and beyond.

With very sincere regards,

Prof. Martino Cassandro

President of MPN 2018-2020
President of WPSA Italian Branch

DAFNAE -  University of Padova
Viale dell’Università, 16 -  35020
Agripolis,  Legnaro - Padova (IT)

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