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7th Mediterranean Poultry Summit (MPS)



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  • M. Cassandro  (Italy)


Scientific Committee

  • C. Garcés-Narro (Spain), Chairperson
  • A. Barroeta (Spain)
  • M. Biarnés (Spain)
  • A. Cahaner (Israel)
  • N. Daghir (Lebanon)
  • M. Hafez (Germany)
  • Y. Nys (France)
  • A. Schiavone (Italy)
  • M. Petracci (Italy)
  • M. Sifri (USA)
  • N. Usayran (Lebanon)
  • S. Yalçin (Turkey)     


Organizing Committee

  • J. A. Játiva (Spain), Chairperson
  • R. Akbay (Turkey)
  • R. Mulder (Netherlands)
  • E. Prukner-Radovcic (Croatia)
  • G. Sayegh (Italy)
  • E. Sossidou (Greece)


Local Organizing Committee

  • R. Gómez Díaz (University of Cordoba, UCO), Chairperson 
  • E. Agüera Buendía (UCO)
  • A. Perea Remujo (UCO)
  • M. A. Amaro López (UCO)
  • G. Arellano Peche (AECA, Spanish WPSA)
  • J. M. Díez Gata (SADA)
  • J. A. López Cabañes (UVESA)
  • J. Avilés (AVINATUR)



Welcome to the 7th MPS

The Mediterranean Poultry Summit (MPS) is one of the main events of the poultry sector in the year 2022. Delegates from all over the Mediterranean area meet every two years to participate in the summit program and get in touch with colleagues.

This MPS is based on previous successful summits in Chalkidiki (Greece, 2008), Antalya (Turkey, 2009), Alexandria (Egypt, 2012), Beirut (Lebanon, 2014), on a cruise around the sea of ??Italy-Spain-France (2016) and the last one in Torino (Italy, 2018).

The 7th MPS will be held in the prestigious University of Cordoba (Spain). Cordoba a city placed in Andalusia, in the South of Spain, and even if it is not over the Mediterranean Sea, it has related to the main Mediterranean civilizations.

With settlements from the Bronze Age, Phoenicians and Greeks passed by this place, the city of Cordoba was finally founded by the Romans in the 1st Century B.C. The roman heritage was taken by Visigoths, and in the Middle Ages Cordoba became the capital of a Caliphate, which encompassed most of the Iberian Peninsula. During that period, it became a centre of education and learning, and by the 10th Century had grown to be the largest city in Europe. It was recaptured by Christian forces in 1236.

The history of Cordoba has been recognized by the UNESCO and it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984.

In this unique setting, an interesting and high-level scientific program will be prepared with the best invited speakers all around the world, but mainly from the Mediterranean area. Industry, producers, research, university and students will be present in the Summit. The place of the students concerned in poultry will be principal, with activities prepared for them.

An interesting social program will allow the participants to know the multiculturality of Cordoba and to share among them the best of Andalusia and Spain.

I would like to encourage all of you to propose topics and send your contribution, with a special involving graduate and PhD students.

We are looking forward to a very successful summit and to the participation of many members from the Mediterranean region and beyond.

With very sincere regards,
Prof. Carlos Garcés-Narro.

President of Scientific Committee of the 7th MPS of WPSA


MPN President’s Message

 As President of the Mediterranean Poultry Network (MPN), I would like to extend to all participants of the 7th MPS my heartiest welcome.

This summit, arriving after two years of world pandemic disease of COVID-19, represent a re-born of our scientific community and it will held at CÓRDOBA CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION CENTRE (C/ Torrijos, 10, 14003, Cordoba, Spain) at June, 8-10, 2022.

 The MPN was established in 2008 and presently operates under the umbrella of Working Group (WG 11) which is for Education and Information. This unit is part of the WPSA European Federation. The MPN was formed for the purpose of promoting WPSA activities in all the Mediterranean countries and to help expand its membership in the region. Its main function is to organize the MPS once every two years in one of the countries of the Mediterranean region and to spread knowledge in the poultry sciences through education, research and services.

 I want to take this opportunity to thank the Spain Branch of WPSA for hosting this summit, especially the president and all his colleagues for all their hard work for making this 7th summit a success. I also want to thank all members of the scientific committee, headed by Prof. Carlos Garcés Narro, all members of the organizing committee, headed by Juan Antonio Játiva, and Ghassan Sayegh from the Mediterranean Poultry Summit steering committee for a very well-done job. We expected a very large and qualified participation.

 I am sure that you will find this Book of Abstracts a very informative and useful one containing abstracts of all papers and posters to be presented.

Thank you all for joining our summit and look forward to your being with us at future meetings.

 Martino Cassandro,


President of the Scientific Committee of the 7th MPS of WPSA




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