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7th Mediterranean Poultry Summit (MPS)

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Keynote Speakers
(In alphabetical order)

Xavier Asensio

Nutritionist at Aviagen

Xavier ASENSIO works as a Nutritionist at Aviagen, providing support in the TMEA area. Graduate in Veterinary, Animal Production specialty (Universidad de Zaragoza. Spain). Master of Science, Specialization in Poultry Production (CFPPSA. France). Ph.D. in Veterinary, Animal and Food Science (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Spain). Before starting at Aviagen, Dr Asensio worked in two poultry production companies and was associate professor in the Department of Animal Health and Anatomy of the UAB Veterinary School.

Avigdor Cahaner

Professor (Emeritus) of Quantitative Genetics, Statistics and Experimental Design,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Israel


Avigdor Cahaner obtained his PhD in Quantitative Genetics and Breeding at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), in 1977.
In 1979, after two post-doc years at the University of California in Davis, he started to work at the Faculty of Agriculture as a Lecturer and researcher. He was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 1987, Associate Professor in 1992 and Full Professor in 1997.

In all his research projects over the years, Cahaner studied the consequences of broilers' breeding for rapid growth and high breast meat yield, and looked for potential genetic mitigation of negative consequences. Some of his research projects were conducted outside of Israel (Turkey, France, USA, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ecuador, Ethiopia, China) in collaboration with local poultry scientists and industry organizations.

Prof. Cahaner was Vice-President of the World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) for 3 terms (1996-2008), especially involved in supporting branches and activities in developing countries, mainly in Africa. He has been very active in the Israeli branch of WPSA since the 1980's, and currently (since 2015) he serves as the Branch President.

After his retirement (2015), Prof. Cahaner has been mentoring poultry researchers, from the academia and industry, in Israel and also globally (e.g., Ethiopia, China), helping them in their research projects. He also offers training and consultation in experimental design and data analysis to researchers from international academia and industry organizations in the agricultural sector and related biological sciences.

Vincent Coustham

Scientist at INRAE
Centre Val-de-Loire, Nouzilly, (France)

 My research at INRAE aims to explore the link between epigenetic regulation of gene expression and the phenotypic response of birds and fish to a challenging environment. I have been studying since 2012 the molecular basis of early embryonic temperature increase (thermal manipulation) in poultry. In particular, our work has shown an epigenetic effect of thermal manipulation in the hypothalamus of male chicken broilers. In the framework of an ANR-funded Young Investigator project, I am leading a study of the transgenerational impact of thermal manipulation on the phenotype, transcriptome and epigenomes of Japanese quail. Since 2021, I initiated a research project on the contribution of epigenetic variability to the phenotypic plasticity during the development of the rainbow trout.


Michael Czarick


Mr. Czarick has been the leader in the development of the use of tunnel ventilation to keep poultry cool during hot weather. The poultry industry in the U.S. and internationally considers him to be the father of tunnel ventilation. Tunnel ventilation allows poultry producers to quickly exchange the air in their houses and provide a constant breeze that provides a wind-chill effect of ten degrees or more as well as facilitates the use of evaporative cooling pads. Prior to the introduction of tunnel ventilation the U.S. broiler industry would lose millions of birds each summer to heat stress. In addition to the cost of the birds lost, hundreds of millions of dollars would be lost each summer due to reduced weight gains and increased feed conversions.

In 1985 when Mr. Czarick began his career at the University, tunnel ventilation was an unproven concept. Tunnel ventilation was used on just a couple of farms in Georgia, the design of which was done by trial and error and as a result the benefits varied widely. Some producers found tunnel ventilation beneficial but many others found it inferior to traditionally curtain-ventilated houses. Through research and numerous field trials Mr. Czarick brought an engineering perspective to poultry house ventilation and developed the science of tunnel ventilation. Air speed guidelines were determined as well as fan selection, installation, and operation guidelines. Tunnel inlet and pad guidelines were also developed as well as basic tunnel ventilation management techniques that are in wide use by the poultry industry around the world today. Through Mr. Czarick’s guidance, bird performance in tunnel-ventilated houses has improved to the point today that no one seriously considers building a broiler house that is not tunnel ventilated, whether in south Georgia, Pennsylvania, or Australia.

Mr. Czarick has become a world leader in the movement of the poultry industry to modernize controlled environment housing. The modern broiler house is designed to allow the producer to precisely control the environment throughout the year. Through the use of tunnel ventilation during warmer weather, and negative
pressure/inlet ventilation during the remainder of the year, producers can provide optimal growing conditions within a house regardless of outside weather conditions.

Mr. Czarick has worked with every major poultry company in the U.S. as well those in dozens of countries on the development of poultry house specifications to insure a proper level of environmental control. In order to properly control the environment throughout the year, an environmental control system is required. A house needs a heating system, a minimum ventilation system, a transitional ventilation system, tunnel ventilation, and an evaporative cooling system. These systems must be properly designed and coordinated in order to maximize bird performance and keep energy costs to a minimum.

Mr. Czarick’s knowledge of controlling poultry environments is widely recognized by the scientific community. Mr. Czarick designed the environmental control systems for UGA’s five-million-dollar Poultry Research Complex expansion. He has also designed the environmental control systems for new research facilities for the USDA Lab in Beltsville, Maryland, University of Arkansas, Auburn University, two of the industry’s primary poultry breeder companies, four poultry companies and for a major poultry pharmaceutical company.

With ever-increasing energy costs, energy usage is a major area of concern for most poultry producers. Mr. Czarick has spent a large percentage of his time over the years working to keep poultry house energy usage to a minimum. He has conducted numerous field studies on various energy conservation techniques, many of which are used in poultry houses around the world today. Mr. Czarick has conducted numerous programs across the state as well as across the nation on educating poultry producers on how to keep their operating costs to a minimum.

Mr. Czarick is considered by the poultry industry and the academic community as the leading authority on the design and operation of poultry house environmental control systems. Since 1985, Mr. Czarick has written over 190 monthly Poultry Housing Tip newsletters. Each newsletter covers a different aspect of poultry house environmental control and energy conservation. Over 3500 copies of the newsletter are distributed each month to poultry producers, county agents, and poultry companies around the world. Most of the people that receive the newsletters are poultry company managers/supervisors that are responsible for hundreds of growers. The managers/supervisors copy the newsletters and distribute them to their growers increasing the actual distribution into the thousands. Countless other individuals download new as well as past newsletters from Mr. Czarick’s UGA Poultry Sciencey Website, www.poultryventilation.com.

Mr. Czarick’s website is a very popular source of information on poultry house ventilation and energy conservation. At the site users can find over 350 past Poultry Housing Tips as well as Powerpoint notes from many of the presentations he has given at recent educational meetings.

Mr. Czarick’s unique ability to explain relatively complex ventilation concepts in an easy to understand way has made him a highly sought after speaker world round. Over the past 36 years Mr. Czarick has given presentations on poultry house environmental control and energy conservation in 56 different countries on six different continents.


Nuhad Daghir

Dean Emeritus
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
American University of Beirut - Beirut, Lebanon

Dr N.J. Daghir was born and raised in Lebanon, where he received his primary and secondary education. In 1954, he lived and worked on poultry farms in the states of Indiana and Arkansas as the first Lebanese participant in the International Farm Youth Exchange Programme. He received his BSc from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and was immediately appointed by AUB to provide agricultural extension services to the central and northern Beqa'a region in Lebanon, where he introduced commercial poultry production. He earned both his MSc and PhD degrees from the Iowa State University. In 1962, he helped establish a Lebanese branch of the World Poultry Science Association and became president of that branch until 1984.


Dr Daghir has served as a consultant to poultry companies in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Kuwait, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. He has published over 100 articles in scientific journals and several chapters in books and compendia. The second edition of his book “Poultry Production in Hot Climates” was published in 2008 by CABI.  His research has covered a wide range of subjects, such as factors affecting vitamin requirements of poultry, nutrient requirements of poultry at high-temperature, and plant protein supplements of importance to hot regions. He has served in many administrative positions at the university, such as Chairman of the Animal Science Department, Associate Dean and Dean of his Faculty. From September 1986 to June 1992, he served as Director of Technical Services at the Shaver Poultry Company in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Professor of Poultry Science at the United Arab Emirates University, AI-Ain, UAE, from 1992 to 1996, and as Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut, from 1996 to 2006. He is at present Dean Emeritus at the same University. He has been serving as President of the WPSA-Lebanon Branch since his return to Lebanon in 1996. He has received many honors and awards and in 2012 was inducted in the International Poultry Hall of Fame. In 2018 he received the Golden Medal from the President of Lebanon for his services to the Education and Agriculture sectors in the country.


Vincent Guyonnet  

DVM, Ph.D, Dipl. ACPV.
Managing Director, FFI Consulting Ltd.
Brockville, Ontario, Canada

 A native of France, Vincent obtained the degree of Doctor in Veterinary Medicine in 1987 in Lyon, France and a Ph.D degree in Poultry Science from The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA in 1991.  He was accepted as a diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians (US board certification) in 1994. 

During his career, Vincent has worked closely with the Poultry sector, first from the Animal Health side with Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis) and then from the production and food processing side with Burnbrae Farms Ltd.  Vincent has worked in the area of New Product Development, International Market Development and Quality Assurance for the largest integrated egg producer and processor (grading, breaking and further processing) in Canada.  Concurrently, he has served as the scientific advisor for the International Egg Commission (London, UK), working with intergovernmental organizations (OIE, FAO, World Bank) on global issues such as animal welfare, greenhouse gas emissions, food safety, nutrition and food security and the overall sustainability of animal production. 

As part of FFI Consulting Ltd., Vincent is a consultant to the Poultry sector, with emphasis on egg production, market development and the role of eggs in human nutrition. His work also focuses on international development programs to assist poultry farmers to use the latest knowledge and technologies available to further contribute to the challenges of global food security and nutrition.    

 Vincent has authored 4 book chapters, several peer-reviewed scientific papers and is a regular invited speaker at international conferences and Poultry industry events.  Vincent writes also regularly editorials in international Poultry journals.  Vincent enjoys teaching Poultry science and egg-related food science topics and has been a guest lecturer at the World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEAPH), Jilin University, Beijing Agriculture University, China Agricultural University and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China).


Hafez M. Hafez



 Professor Dr.

Institute of Poultry Diseases 
Free University Berlin

Berlin, Germany

 Professor Hafez obtained his Master of Veterinary science in poultry diseases in 1967 from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt, and his Dr. med. vet. degree from Giessen University, Germany in 1981. He obtained his Dr. med. Vet. habilitation from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Munich University, Germany in 1994.

From 1982-1996, he served as Veterinary Poultry Disease Specialist, Veterinary Microbiology Specialist, and Veterinary Animal Hygiene Specialist that was granted to him by State Veterinary Medicine Chamber of the State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. He was elected as a Diplomat of European College of Veterinary Public health (Dipl. ECVPH), and as a Diplomat of European College of Poultry Veterinary Science (Dipl. ECPVS) in 2005 and 2009, respectively.

Between 1981 to 1985 he worked at Poultry Health Service Stuttgart, Epidemic Veterinary Division, State of Baden- Württemberg. Then after until 1997 he served as a head Poultry and Virology Department at State Veterinary Laboratory Stuttgart.  From 1997- 2016, he served as the Head of the Institute of Poultry Diseases at the Free University, Berlin. Following his assignment as the Head of this institute, he was named and served as Guest “Senior” Professor until 2021. In addition, he was selected as an Honorary Professor at the University of Hohenheim, Germany, and at Alexandria University, Egypt in 1996 and 2009., respectively. Professor Hafez served as the President of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) from 2005-2011, and as the Vice President from 2011-2015. He is currently an Honorary President of WVPA.

From 1998-2020, Professor Hafez served as the Chairman of Poultry Scientific Committee of the German Veterinary Chamber, and the German Branch of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA). Also, he has been serving as Chairman of Working Group 10 (Turkey) of European Branch of World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) from 1999 until present.

Hafez's research interest has been focused on diagnosis and control of poultry diseases, and on foodborne diseases, management, and animal welfare and hygiene. Since 2015, he has been serving as an advisor of the Arab Federation for Food Industries (AFFI). Since 2020 he is Member of the Hall of fame of World Poultry Science Association (WPSA)

He served as the Major Advisor for 80 candidates for Dr. med. vet., and two candidates for Dr. med. vet. habil. theses in the field of basic and applied poultry production and diseases.

In collaboration with his colleagues, Professor Hafez published one textbook on Turkey diseases, and a second book on primary diseases on poultry farms. He authored or co-authored, 277 scientific articles, plus 54 book chapter. In addition, he served as the Editor of 12 proceedings books of the International Symposium on Turkey Diseases, and 10 proceedings on Turkey Production and Health Meetings held over the last two decades in Berlin, Germany.

Professor Hafez received numerous invitations as Keynote Speaker at International Scientific Congresses and he gave 561 presentations in 59 different countries around the world.


Gonzalo G. Mateos

Professor of Animal Science 
Departamento de producción Agraria. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


Gonzalo G. Mateos holds a BS in Animal Production for the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, a PhD in Veterinary Science for the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, and a PhD in Animal Science (Poultry) and a post-doc position for Iowa State University. He has published 140 papers in SCI Journals and given more than 460 seminars, lectures, communications, and posters at International congresses in more than 40 countries. He was Editor in Chief of the Scientific Journal Animal Feed Science and Technology (2005-2013) and a member of the Editorial Board of Poultry Science and Animal Feed Science and Technology, in recent years.

Sandrine Mignon-Grasteau


After an engineer degree in animal science and a Ph.D in poultry genetics, I joined in 1999, the INRAE unit “Avian Biology & Poultry Research Unit” (UMR BOA) located near Tours. In the AQSEL team (Adaptation, Quality and Selection), my research is focused on the genetics of feed and digestive efficiency and its impact on sustainability of poultry production. I work in close collaboration with our nutrition team to study interactions between genetics and nutrition and the possibility to introduce alternative feedstuffs in poultry diets. My recent researches led to identify genomic regions and blood biomarkers of digestive efficiency in order to better understand this trait. We also developed a feed station allowing to measure individual feed efficiency in group-housed animals, making it possible to study this trait in real conditions and throughout the life of animals. Author of more than 80 scientific papers, I recently contributed to the “Genetics and genomics of feed utilization efficiency in poultry species” chapter of the Advances in poultry genetics and genomics book.

Joaquín Narro

CEO and Founder of Alcazar.


Joaquin founded Alcazar in 2012, a market-focused research and analysis company specializing in unfolding strategic trading opportunities associated with the energy transition. He specializes in monetizing opportunities in climate change, renewables generation, hydrogen ecosystem, energy storage, energy distribution and electrification. He is a pioneer of the energy transition and one of the earliest participants in the carbon markets. His experience encompasses investment management, trading, quantitative analysis, risk management, business development and entrepreneurship. He has worked for various leading energy firms, including Aquila Energy, Vattenfall and Nuon, as well as being a founding partner of hedge fund sponsor Cumulus Asset Management. He has a PhD in nuclear physics and a bachelor’s degree in theoretical physics. He divides his time between London and Madrid.

At Alcazar, Joaquin has experience of:

  • Quantitative research and analysis
    • Predictive analytics and business intelligence
    • Uncovering investment opportunities associated with the decarbonization process
    • Climate change risk management
    • Carbon intensity impact analysis
    • Model development within the renewable energy landscape
    • Developing proprietary derivatives trading strategies
    • ESG investing and analytical due diligence
    • Academic research at Imperial College London and practitioners´ lectures at Imperial College London, London School of Economics and King’s College London
    • Managing complex and interlaced financial risks in commodity markets
  • Fund management
    • Fund management and structuring in multiple jurisdictions
    • Investment management including portfolio analysis, trading and execution, risk management and optimisation
    • Managing relationships with investors
    • Capital raising
  • Trading and risk management in commodity derivatives markets
    • Electricity, Carbon, Coal, Natural Gas, Wheat, Rapeseed, Corn, Iron Ore, Oil
    • ICE, EEX, Euronext, MATIF, CME, Nasdaq, MEFF



Yves Nys

Nys Yves  (Dr,) director of research
INRA, Poultry Research unit (Bird Biology and Adaptation), 37380 Nouzilly. France 


Dr Y Nys completed his PhD in the Agronomic School and University of Paris, in Animal Nutrition in 1975. He has been working on the INRA Poultry Unit in Nouzilly (France) for 42 years, until 2020. He worked on calcium metabolism in laying hens and in mineral nutrition (calcium, phosphorus and trace elements in broilers and hens). He also focused his activity on eggshell quality and fabric, in particular on the role of eggshell matrix proteins in the bio-mineralization of eggshell. He coordinates two European projects, Eggdefence 2001-2004 and RESCAPE 2006-2009 and has been working in collaboration with the industry in the area of hen nutrition and egg quality (eggshell quality, yolk colour, genetic selection on egg quality, nutritional value of eggs) and mineral nutrition (phosphorus and calcium, phytase and trace elements). From his research in Poultry Nutrition, he was given the Nutrition Award 2011 (international DSM grants, ESPN 2011). He has been director of the INRA Poultry Units (2002-2007) and has been involved in the WPSA organisation (working group 4 on egg quality and 2 in Nutrition, president of the European federation 2010-14, vice-president of the WPSA since 2016). He is the author of more than 200 publications and reviews.


Alessandro Scolari

  Medico Veterinario.
  Specialista in Patologia Aviare



  • 1987 – Master in Avian Pathology
  • 1979 – Degree in Veterinary Medicine.

Professional positions

  • Director of the Accredited Veterinary Laboratory Vallerana Srl, specialised in Avian Pathology and Quality Control of Food
  • Private Poultry Practicioner Pathology (Broiler Breeders, Broilers, P.S. and commercial layers, game birds, guinea fowls, ducks geese, meat turkeys)– Aviagen Consultant.
  • 2013 to 2020 . Organizer of International Poultry Forum – International Zootechnical Fair – Cremona (Italy).
  • 2006-2011 – Participations to the activities of Federation Europeenne pour la Santè Animale et la Securitè Sanitarie (F.E.S.A.S.S) and DG-SANCO – Bruxelles.
  • 1988 – 2012. Responsible of Animal Health – Veterinary Sanitary Authority Cremona District – Lombardia Region (Italy)
  • 1979 – 1988. Health Director in an integrated poultry company in Northern Italy

Education and training

  • 1981 to date. Member of the Poultry Veterinary Study Group for the E.U. Committee Member from 1988 to 1993.
  • 1979 to date – Member of the WVPA (Italian Branch) – Committee Member from 2016 to 2018.

Mamduh Sifri

Mamduh Sifri, PhD, Poultry Nutrition and Biochemistry. PSA Emeritus Fellow.  American University of Beirut (AUB) Distinguished Alumni


Consultant, Advisor, and Facilitator: The primary focus is nutrition and metabolism and their interrelationship with immunity and microflora of the digestive system.

ADM: Director - Poultry, Marketing & Technical Support

Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Engineering and Master of Science- Poultry Nutrition & Management from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition and Biochemistry from North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, USA
Research Fellow at the University of California, Davis (NASA Project) and Biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Social and Scientific Associations

American University of Beirut Distinguished Alumni in 2018.
Journal of Applied Poultry Research Nutrition Section Editor as of September 2018.
Chair of PSA Informal Nutrition Symposium committee for 26 years and currently the Co-Chair.
Poultry Science Association EMERITUS FELLOW for distinguished contribution to the field of poultry science.
Nutrition Section Editor of Journal of Applied Poultry Research from 2018 to Current; March 2020.
Member of the committee of the Poultry Industry Hall of Fame Award.
Member of review boards for a few scientific journals.
Member of the Scientific Committee of the Mediterranean Poultry Summit
Published in many prestigious scientific journals such as Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry, Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Poultry Science and Journal of Applied Poultry Research.
Lectured at many universities, industry functions and international symposia in the USA and Internationally about business conduct, research and the application of science in business.
Volunteer for SCORE to help small businesses, Habitats for Humanity and YMCA.
Member of USB Committees; Animal Nutrition Working Group and A Special Soybean Task Force.
Mamduh believes in multiplying the learning ability for people so they can achieve their ultimate goals and make an impact on others to do the same.



Wim Tondeur



Wim Tondeur is veterinarian by profession, with specialization in poultry health and production. In the past 16 years he runs his own independent consultancy company under the name of TONDEUR VTCA, providing training, consultancy and advice. He was for 21 years a senior trainer at Aeres/PTC+, Barneveld College in the Netherlands. This training centre offers national and international practical training courses on poultry production, pig production and animal feed technology. He was coordinator of various training courses for persons involved in poultry meat quality and inspection. In the last ten years he advises regularly in various poultry abattoirs on carcass quality aspects, like in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Middle East and South Africa. During many years he has trained and advised veterinarians and meat inspectors on ante- and post-mortem inspection. Recently he developed the handbook “Broiler Meat Quality” published by Roodbont Cie; beside the English version there will be a Spanish and a Russian version available soon. He participated in the development of the Perfect Carcass model of Zinpro Ltd, with a visual guide for scoring of broiler carcass lesions and with a monitoring programme in various abattoirs. Dr. Wim Tondeur is an active member of the World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) in the Netherlands and was secretary of the Dutch branch of the World Poultry Veterinary Association (WVPA). He is a regular speaker at WPSA congresses and gives presentations at poultry seminars.




Matthias Voss 

 Veterinary Scientific Director LOHMANN BREEDERS GmbH


  • Education Study of veterinary medicine at the Free University of Berlin
  • 1985 Examination as veterinarian
  • Dessertation: “Detection of type-specific antibodies against Infectious Bronchitis Virus
  • 1987 Graduation and degree of Dr.med.vet.
  • 1997 Qualification as “Veterinary Specialist for Avian Diseases”

Key qualifications

  • Health control in primary poultry breeders populations
  • Control of SPF populations
  • Diagnostic laboratories
  • Development & quality of poultry vaccines
  • Technical service world-wide
  • Since 1986 36 years veterinary expert at LOHMANN BREEDERS GmbH

Additional activities

  • President of PVSGEU (Poultry Veterinary Study Group of the EU)


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Joel Gautron, 14
Sergiu Emil Georgescu, 100, 109
Ioanna Georgopoulou, 55, 106, 107
Abdallah Ghazalah, 122
Alberto Giner, 42, 83
Chiara Giudice, 46
Audrey Gloux , 14
Luc Goethals, 51
Ernesto Gómez, 30, 65, 152
Judit González, 79
Antonio González Ariza, 128, 129, 131
David Gonzalez Sanchez, 120, 121, 122
Antonio Luis Gonzalez Sanchez, 110
M Gopi, 63, 77
Prabakar Govindasamy, 150
Lawrence Grab, 38
Marta Gracia, 22
Guido Grilli, 172
Francesc Guardiola, 67, 145
Monica Guarino Amato, 149
Cristina Guerra, 22, 134
Ana Guerrero, 143
Elodie Guettier, 5
Enrique Guillamón, 132, 171
Shafia Tehseen Gul, 47
Solvita Gulbe, 91
Stefan Gunnarsson, 172
Vincent Guyonnet, 4

Hafez M. Hafez, 12, 17
Sudipto Haldar, 125
Anton Hanus, 141
Dost Mohammad Haqyar, 87, 88
benzaoui hassina, 126, 127
Zafar Hayat, 53, 54, 69
Muhammad Hayat, 29
David Hermans, 111
Pilar Hernández, 30
Fuensanta Hernández, 104
Javier Herrero-Encinas, 102
Ursula Hofstetter, 170
Heidi Högel, 133
Zalan Homonnay, 45
Helen Houghton, 162
Edouard Huchin, 45
Iftikhar Hussain, 29

Nicolaia Iaffaldano, 153
Moataz Ibrahim, 122
Emeka I. Igwe, 84
Muhammad Imran, 47, 78
Max Ingberman, 36
Vivienne Inhuber, 66
Elshaimaa Ismael, 81

Farhat Jabeen, 78
Vinay M. Jagathane, 63
Hassan Jameel, 29
Zlatko Janjecic, 124, 142
Mihael Janjecic, 142
Jan Jankowski, 58
Geert P. J. Janssens, 51
Berrada Jaouad, 48
Mehran Javadi, 119
Muhammad Tariq Javed, 78
Lachheb Jihene, 40
Ana Jiménez, 168
Beatriz Jimenez-moya, 118
Isabel Jorba, 52
Ramón Jové, 176
A Jozwik, 115
Rastislav Jurcík, 141

Khaled Kaboudi, 157
S.A. Kaczmarek, 120
Serdar Kamanli, 31
Muhammad Kamran Rafique, 53
DaRae Kang, 135
Özlem Karahan Uysal, 26
Birkan Karsli, 31
Hafiz Muhammad Salman Khalid, 47
Zro Khalil, 48
M.M. Khalil, 68
Samer Kharoubi, 13
Aisha Khatoon, 47, 78
Halima Khatun, 101
Walid Kilany, 49, 156
Goran Kis, 142
Kostantinos Kiskinis, 55, 106, 107
Miroslav Kjosevski, 59
Franziska Kloska, 160
Gautham Kolluri, 150
Ivica Kos, 124
Konstantinos Koutoulis, 44
Kostas Koutoulis, 160, 161
Krzysztof Kozlowski , 58
Saravana Kumar M, 63
Dimitra Kyriakou, 148

Luca Laghi, 85
Emiliano Lasagna, 23, 24, 130
Sofia Lazaro Gaspar, 43
Elisabeth Le Bihan-Duval, 5
Bertrand Le Tallec, 44
Luc Ledoux, 38
Matteo Legnardi, 44
Saskia Leleu, 111
Javier León, 173
José Manuel León Jurado, 128, 129, 131
Bertrand Le-Tallec, 162, 163
Xiuhua Li, 105
Jiakui Li, 74, 75, 175
Kun Li, 75
Eduardo Libinski, 143
E. Lokesha, 77
Rosa Lonjedo , 168
Laura Lorenzo-Rebenaque, 34, 35, 80
Marta Lourenço, 51
Alex Lucchi, 151
Nereida Luna, 50
Caterina Lupini, 46
Peggy Lymberi, 148

Monika M, 63
Siddharth M, 61
Elisabetta Macchi, 27
Manuela Madeddu, 21
Josefa Madrid, 104
Danielle Magalhaes, 143
Marco Magrini, 161
Athar Mahmud, 54
Khalid Abdul Majeed, 69
Danish Malik, 80
Simone Mancini, 153
A.B. Mandal, 77
Gerardo Manfreda, 82, 151
Maria Grazia Mangiagalli, 21
Manobhavan Mani, 61
Federica Mannelli, 153
Azhaguraja Manoharan, 61
SM Mansbridge, 114, 115
Xavier Manteca, 86
Tilemachos Mantzios, 55, 106, 107
Madeddu Manuela, 139
Renna Manuela, 139
Gopi Marappan, 61, 150
Stefano Paolo Marelli, 21, 139
Clara Marin, 34, 35, 80, 165, 166, 167, 168
Mar Martínez, 30
Silvia Martínez-Miró, 26, 104
Margherita Marzoni, 153
Salvatore Mastrangelo, 23, 130
Gonzalo G. Mateos, 8, 50
Tamas Mato, 45
Simona Mattioli, 92
Atoussa Mazaheri, 12
Heather McCormack, 32
Peter McGilchrist, 66
Khalid Mehmood, 74
Diego Melo, 57
Adele Meluzzi, 85
Laura Menchetti, 92
Anita Menconi, 84
David Menoyo, 50, 102
David Meo Zilio, 149
Ogunc Meral, 31
Rachid Merati, 60
Ram Mereddy, 105
Giulia Mescolini, 46
Grégoire Midy , 39
Sandrine Mignon-Grasteau, 5
T Mihova, 114
Barbara Miniscalco, 27
Silvia Mioletti, 27
Silvia Mironeasa, 144
Emna Mkadem , 157
Eva Mocé, 30, 152
Mouahid Mohamed, 48
Jag Mohan, 150
Sandra Mojsova, 59
Joan Molist Badiola, 108
Ana Montalbán Perez, 26, 104
Laura Montoro-Dasi, 34, 35
Maria Isabel Morata, 30
José Antonio Moreno, 52
David Moreno, 52
Mohamad Mortada, 70
Amy Moss, 66
Simon Mouchel, 45
Vasiliki Moulasioti, 148
Vassilios Moussis, 148
Cecilia Mugnai , 27
Mónica Muñoz, 123
Leticia Mur, 137, 138, 143
Bilal Murtaza, 78
Nuria Mut-Salud, 171

Alloui Nadir, 40
Dogan Narinç, 87, 88
Joaquín Narro, 3
Jamal Nasir, 29
Kashif Nauman, 29
Francisco Javier Navas González, 128, 129, 131
F. Nicolás Nazar, 90
Ferhat Nouicer, 73, 76
Heleili Nouzha, 154
Samuel Novoa, 22, 134
Yves Nys, 14

Patrizio Odetti, 112
Evangelos Oikonomou, 106, 107
Jose Luis Olleta, 143
Oladapo Olukomaiya, 105
Araceli Orozco Mas, 123
Giovanni Ortali, 46
Alvaro Ortiz, 84
Sezen Özkan, 26

Giulia Pagliasso, 113
Zuzana Palkovicová, 141
María Palomar, 116, 117, 123
Tatiana Dumitra Panaite, 100, 103, 109, 144, 146
Luis Pantoja Millas, 108
Maria Papadami, 148
Georgios Papadopoulos, 55, 106, 107
Antonio Parisi, 151
JinRyong Park, 135
Juan Jose Pascual, 119
Talat Naseer Pasha, 54
Frédérique Pasquali, 82, 151
José Pastor, 102
Apostolos Patsias , 55, 148
Pascal Paulet, 162, 163
Liga Paura, 91
Beulah V. Pearlin, 61, 63
Pedro Peñalver, 52
Mauro Penasa, 130
Ana Pérez de Rozas, 79
Josmary Pérez Guaba, 26
Albert Pérez Rigau, 123
Francesco Perini, 23, 24, 130
Massimiliano Petracci , 28
Luigi Petrocchi Jasinki, 149
Diana Petzoldt, 42
Ariadna Pey, 52
Francesco Piacente, 112
Ismael Pinela-Conde, 159
Jasna Pintar, 142
Olga Piquer, 30, 65, 116
V Pirgozliev, 114, 115
Iveta Placha, 112
Laia Plaja, 83
Alicia Podadera, 145
Roua Gabriela Popescu, 100, 109
G. Prabakar, 77
Francesco Prandini, 46
Alba Puigredon-Fontanet, 159
Mónica Puyalto, 56

Giulia Quaglia, 46
Pietro Quaglia, 50

Imtiaz Rabbani, 69
Mohamed Rady, 49, 156
Magdalena Rafecas, 145
Abdur Rahman, 53, 54
Nour Ramadan, 169
V. Ravindran, 68, 121
Habib Rehman, 69
Adeem Rehman Raffie, 71
Manuela Renna, 113
Sankar Renu, 169
Gourapura Renukaradhya, 169
Gianluca Renzi, 149
Virginia Resconi, 143
Andrea Ricci, 132
Chiara Rizzi, 153
Rubén Roca-Torrente, 176
Patricia Rodríguez, 116
Elisabet Rodríguez, 38
Alejandro B Rodríguez-Navarro, 32, 33
Jaydip Jaywant Rokade, 61, 63, 150
JM Rollinger, 115
Caterina Romboli, 140
Mariana Ropota, 146
Martín Ros, 104
SP Rose, 114, 115
Caridad Rosique, 104
Jesús Rubio Pérez, 79, 164
Laura Ruibal, 173
Claudia Russo, 153

Elavarasan S, 61
Paola Sacchi, 27
Meritxell Sadurní, 56
Roser Sala, 56, 116, 117, 118
Kinza Saleem, 54
Muhammad Kashif Saleemi, 47, 78
Heba M. Salem, 81
Mashkoor Mohsin, 78
José Ignacio Salgado Pardo, 129, 131
Sonia Salvucci, 153
Felipe Sánchez Fernandez, 64
Estefanía Sánchez Rodriguez, 33
Jaime Sarabia, 160, 161, 162, 163
Mihaela Saracila, 103, 144
Anirvid Sarkar, 125
Ioannis Sarrigeorgiou, 148
Stefano Sartore, 27, 147
Ghassan Sayegh 13
Alessandra Scaburri, 140
Achille Schiavone, 21, 27, 104, 112, 113, 139, 147, 153
Ahmed Sedeik, 49, 156
Mahmoud Sedeik, 158
Juan Carlos Segura, 104
Ramesh Selvaraj, 70, 169
Ahmed Setta, 158
Sandra Sevilla-Navarro, 34, 35, 80, 162, 163, 165, 166, 167, 168, 176
Fernando Sevillano, 50
Mohamed Shaalan, 81
Muhammad Shahzad, 75
Revathi Shanmugasundaram, 70, 169
Nishchal Sharma, 66
KwanSeob Shim, 135
Marco Silva, 44
Federico Sirri, 85, 147
Lourdes Sisquella Mollà, 79, 164
Adriana Lourenco Soares, 36
Lívia Soares, 159
Dominga Soglia, 21, 27, 113, 147
Francesca Soglia , 28
Cristina Soica, 100, 103, 144
Cinta Sol, 56
David Solà-Oriol, 57, 67, 118
María Dolores Soler, 116, 117, 118, 123
Ingrid Somers, 110
Frederika Somers, 110
E. N. Sossidou, 18
Verena Starkl, 170
Maria Isabel Suay, 30
Asim Sulatn, 47
Yasmina Sultanbawa, 105
Valentina Suprani, 82

Tamilmani T, 61
Cristina Tabuc, 103
Sajid Khan Tahir, 69
Guillermo Talegón, 50
T. Tamilmani, 77
Paula Tarancón, 30
khenenou tarek, 126, 127
Bulent Tarim, 31
Ines Taschl, 170
Ahmet N. Tasdemir, 31
Timea Tatar-Kis, 45
Pramod K Taygi, 77
Marco Tecilla, 46
Constantinos Tellis, 148
Soraya Temim, 60
Frank Thiemann, 84
Cristina Tognoli, 21, 139, 172
Wim Tondeur, 15
Francesca Tonelatto, 161
Alejandro Torres, 104
Jan Torres-Boncompte, 80
Alba Tres, 118, 145
María Tristan, 173
Angela Trocino, 27
Roy Trott, 7
Vassilios Tsikaris, 148
Vasileios Tsiouris, 55, 106, 107, 148
Anestis Tsitsos, 106, 107
Demokritos Tsoukatos, 148
Claudia Maria Tucciarone, 44
Engin Tulek, 31
Raluca Paula Turcu, 144, 146
Berna Türkekul, 26
Jagbir Singh Tyagi, 61, 150
José Francisco Pérez, 57
Milan Tyller, 7
Helena Tyllerová Landová, 7

Yongping U, 78
Muhammad Umair Asghar, 53
Arabela Untea, 144
Arabela Elena Untea, 146

Emanuela Valle, 112
Ellen van Eerden, 108
Veerle Van Hoeck, 110
Tommy Van Limbergen, 84
Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, 25, 37, 62
Dieter Vancraeynest, 83
 José Vanheule, 55
Lourdes Vanyo, 164
Elisa Varona, 145
Luis Varona, 138
Santiago Vega, 34, 168
Manoj Kumar Vellavan, 63
Marçal Verdú, 67, 145
Gerard Verge-Mèrida, 67, 145
Ashok Kumar Verma, 63
Sabien Vermaut, 58
Jan Vervloesem, 111
Stefania Vichi, 145
Javier Viguera, 134
Roser Vila, 52
Rut Vila, 83
Ester Vilarrasa, 57
Arantxa Villagra, 34
Irene Villalba, 65
Enric Villalbí, 173
Leonardo James Vinco, 140
Anaïs Vitorino Carvalho, 11
Alexandru Vlaicu, 109
Sorina Nicoleta Voicu, 100, 109
Alberto Volorio, 46
Elke von Heimendahl, 58
Matthias Voss, 12

Alexandra Wealleans, 121, 122
Beatrice Wegge, 51
IM Whiting, 114, 115
Stuart Wilkinson, 66

Servet Yalçin, 26, 31
Wangyuan Yao, 174
Roheela Yasmeen, 94
Marta Yerpes, 86
Muhammad Shahbaz Yousaf, 47, 69

F. Zaefarian, 68
Iqra Zaheer, 47
Valeria Zambotto, 113
Marco Zampiga, 85
Hafsa Zaneb, 69
Luisa Zaniboni, 21, 139, 153
Elena Zanier, 140
Hui Zhang, 74
Chenglin Zhu, 85




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