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(By courtesy of mr. Alejandro Vicente.)

The Mediterranean poultry sector celebrates its summit in Córdoba for three days along with this 7th Mediterranean Poultry Summit, from June 8 to 10, the LVII Poultry Scientific Symposium traditionally organized by AECA-WPSA.

The 7th MPS took finally place at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Córdoba after more than two years of postponing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking advantage of the event, the Spanish Association of Poultry Science, AECA-WPSA, also organized its LVII Poultry Scientific Symposium.

For three days, more than 480 specialists (of which some 120 came from 38 countries from the world, Middle East and the Mediterranean basin) discussed and shared their experiences relating to poultry production, both meat and put.

In the very tight programme, they highlighted the large number of posters and oral communications presented (more than 160), along with the high level of the conferences. In this way, there were presentations dedicated to the evolution of the markets and structures of the sector around the Mediterranean, which delved into the need not only to be profitable from the economic point of view, but also sustainable in the environmental aspect, under a One Health and in a scenario of great difficulty because of changes in raw materials availability and the rise in prices of both raw materials for food and energy.

At the side of the onsite scientific exchange (keynote speaker, oral presentations, and posters discussions) the scientific ideas exchange and discussions continued around cultural visits (Mezkita-Cathedral visit), the opening session in the Royal gardens, and the social dinner in the prestigious Real Circuito de la Amistad.