Vincent Coustham

Scientist at INRAE
Centre Val-de-Loire, Nouzilly, (France)


Mitigating the effects of high temperatures in birds: involvement of epigenetic mechanisms.
Slot K5-01 - Thursday 09 June - 15:00-15:30


My research at INRAE aims to explore the link between epigenetic regulation of gene expression and the phenotypic response of birds and fish to a challenging environment. I have been studying since 2012 the molecular basis of early embryonic temperature increase (thermal manipulation) in poultry. In particular, our work has shown an epigenetic effect of thermal manipulation in the hypothalamus of male chicken broilers. In the framework of an ANR-funded Young Investigator project, I am leading a study of the transgenerational impact of thermal manipulation on the phenotype, transcriptome and epigenomes of Japanese quail. Since 2021, I initiated a research project on the contribution of epigenetic variability to the phenotypic plasticity during the development of the rainbow trout.