Wim Tondeur



Quality defaults in slaughtering
Slot K6-03 - Friday 10 June - 10:00-10:30


Wim Tondeur is veterinarian by profession, with specialization in poultry health and production. In the past 16 years he runs his own independent consultancy company under the name of TONDEUR VTCA, providing training, consultancy and advice. He was for 21 years a senior trainer at Aeres/PTC+, Barneveld College in the Netherlands. This training centre offers national and international practical training courses on poultry production, pig production and animal feed technology. He was coordinator of various training courses for persons involved in poultry meat quality and inspection. In the last ten years he advises regularly in various poultry abattoirs on carcass quality aspects, like in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Middle East and South Africa. During many years he has trained and advised veterinarians and meat inspectors on ante- and post-mortem inspection. Recently he developed the handbook “Broiler Meat Quality” published by Roodbont Cie; beside the English version there will be a Spanish and a Russian version available soon. He participated in the development of the Perfect Carcass model of Zinpro Ltd, with a visual guide for scoring of broiler carcass lesions and with a monitoring programme in various abattoirs. Dr. Wim Tondeur is an active member of the World Poultry Science Association (WPSA) in the Netherlands and was secretary of the Dutch branch of the World Poultry Veterinary Association (WVPA). He is a regular speaker at WPSA congresses and gives presentations at poultry seminars.