Yves Nys

Nys Yves  (Dr,) director of research
INRA, Poultry Research unit (Bird Biology and Adaptation), 37380 Nouzilly. France 


Understanding in hen mechanisms of ionic supply, eggshell mineralization and Ca metabolism to control shell defect
Slot K6-02 - Friday 10 June - 09:30-10:00


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Dr Y Nys completed his PhD in the Agronomic School and University of Paris, in Animal Nutrition in 1975. He has been working on the INRA Poultry Unit in Nouzilly (France) for 42 years, until 2020. He worked on calcium metabolism in laying hens and in mineral nutrition (calcium, phosphorus and trace elements in broilers and hens). He also focused his activity on eggshell quality and fabric, in particular on the role of eggshell matrix proteins in the bio-mineralization of eggshell. He coordinates two European projects, Eggdefence 2001-2004 and RESCAPE 2006-2009 and has been working in collaboration with the industry in the area of hen nutrition and egg quality (eggshell quality, yolk colour, genetic selection on egg quality, nutritional value of eggs) and mineral nutrition (phosphorus and calcium, phytase and trace elements). From his research in Poultry Nutrition, he was given the Nutrition Award 2011 (international DSM grants, ESPN 2011). He has been director of the INRA Poultry Units (2002-2007) and has been involved in the WPSA organisation (working group 4 on egg quality and 2 in Nutrition, president of the European federation 2010-14, vice-president of the WPSA since 2016). He is the author of more than 200 publications and reviews.