Joaquín Narro

CEO and Founder of Alcazar.


The Commodity Price Crisis - Threats and Opportunities.
Slot K1-01 - Wednesday 08 June - 15:00 - 15:30


Joaquin founded Alcazar in 2012, a market-focused research and analysis company specializing in unfolding strategic trading opportunities associated with the energy transition. He specializes in monetizing opportunities in climate change, renewables generation, hydrogen ecosystem, energy storage, energy distribution and electrification. He is a pioneer of the energy transition and one of the earliest participants in the carbon markets. His experience encompasses investment management, trading, quantitative analysis, risk management, business development and entrepreneurship. He has worked for various leading energy firms, including Aquila Energy, Vattenfall and Nuon, as well as being a founding partner of hedge fund sponsor Cumulus Asset Management. He has a PhD in nuclear physics and a bachelor’s degree in theoretical physics. He divides his time between London and Madrid.

At Alcazar, Joaquin has experience of:

  • Quantitative research and analysis
    • Predictive analytics and business intelligence
    • Uncovering investment opportunities associated with the decarbonization process
    • Climate change risk management
    • Carbon intensity impact analysis
    • Model development within the renewable energy landscape
    • Developing proprietary derivatives trading strategies
    • ESG investing and analytical due diligence
    • Academic research at Imperial College London and practitioners´ lectures at Imperial College London, London School of Economics and King’s College London
    • Managing complex and interlaced financial risks in commodity markets
  • Fund management
    • Fund management and structuring in multiple jurisdictions
    • Investment management including portfolio analysis, trading and execution, risk management and optimisation
    • Managing relationships with investors
    • Capital raising
  • Trading and risk management in commodity derivatives markets
    • Electricity, Carbon, Coal, Natural Gas, Wheat, Rapeseed, Corn, Iron Ore, Oil
    • ICE, EEX, Euronext, MATIF, CME, Nasdaq, MEFF