Sandrine Mignon-Grasteau

Ph.D in poultry genetics,
“Avian Biology & Poultry Research Unit” in  INRAE (UMR BOA)


 Using high throughput phenotyping of growth and feed intake to improve adaptation of chickens to sustainable diets.
Slot K2-01 - 08 June 2022   -  16:00-16:30


After an engineer degree in animal science and a Ph.D in poultry genetics, I joined in 1999, the INRAE unit “Avian Biology & Poultry Research Unit” (UMR BOA) located near Tours. In the AQSEL team (Adaptation, Quality and Selection), my research is focused on the genetics of feed and digestive efficiency and its impact on sustainability of poultry production. I work in close collaboration with our nutrition team to study interactions between genetics and nutrition and the possibility to introduce alternative feedstuffs in poultry diets. My recent researches led to identify genomic regions and blood biomarkers of digestive efficiency in order to better understand this trait. We also developed a feed station allowing to measure individual feed efficiency in group-housed animals, making it possible to study this trait in real conditions and throughout the life of animals. Author of more than 80 scientific papers, I recently contributed to the “Genetics and genomics of feed utilization efficiency in poultry species” chapter of the Advances in poultry genetics and genomics book.